Who is Responsible for What YOU Post Online?

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Who is Responsible for What YOU Post Online? – D. Monasch

"Online Video" - Courtesy of standingdog.com

Recently, YouTube was taken to court in Hamburg, Germany, over their alleged responsibility for user-uploaded content to their popular video sharing website. The royalty collection group, Gema, wants YouTube to detect when users are violating copyrighted information from their artists. YouTube claims that they have no responsibility to do such a thing.

However, the court in Hamburg disagreed, and ruled that YouTube is in fact responsible for this user-generated content. Gema’s case began in 2010 and was based on 12 particular clips that had been posted in YouTube videos. Representing about 60,000 German artists, Gema is a force to be reckoned with; and, if forced to pay, YouTube will face an enormous royalty bill for this suit.

So the question is, whose rights are we violating here? Do you agree with Gema or with YouTube, or do you have a different opinion on the case? Xi Xi would love to hear what you think!

Article Link: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-17785613.

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