Technology Shift: Julie Larson-Green Takes Over Windows

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Technology Shift: Julie Larson-Green Takes Over Windows – D. Monasch

Julie Larson-Green - Courtesy of Ted S. Warren/AP

As a female in the technology industry, it always gives me great pride and satisfaction when another woman steps into the spotlight in this male dominated field.

On November 12th, Microsoft’s President for Windows, Steven Sinofsky, stepped down, effective immediately. This left a void that needed to be filled, and the same day, Microsoft announced that Julie Larson-Green would be succeeding Sinofsky.

Larson-Green will now be leading all Windows software and hardware engineering, which is a huge breakthrough in the genre for women. This new Microsoft President was originally told no when she first applied to the company, but she worked her way into the system by accumulating other industry credentials and applying again. She’s done project management, product-support calls, marketing focus groups, interaction design and been on a plethora of different product teams.

What is most striking about Larson-Green is that she’s not doing anything crazy. She’s not a gimmick, she’s not throwing herself out there as a “female executive”, she’s just proving herself through hard work, determination and quality professionalism. The community is always looking for a role model for technical females; I believe we have one here.

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