Natural human acts/needs turned into something sexual and condemned?

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Natural human acts/needs turned into something sexual and condemned? – C. Frierson

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In America, society sets most of the rules. One shouldn’t be nude, urinate, or perform sexual acts in public; even though this may be acceptable to do in other countries.

In South Korea, an ad showed a baby on a woman’s breast holding an Oreo cookie with the catch phrase “Milk’s favorite cookie.”

This ad caused a stir in America.

In America, a lot of people see breast feeding in public as something that should not be done. The reasoning may be because they associate breasts with something sexual instead of a mother trying to feed her child. In South Korea, breast feeding in public is accepted and if one is uncomfortable with it, they simply don’t look at the mother while she is breast feeding her child. Some people felt that this ad sexualized breast feeding by using technology that made the breast look “too perfect”, instead of what a breast of someone who is breast feeding would actually look like.

This poses the first question, was the ad trying to be sexual or was just simply trying to be creative in their way of portraying milk and Oreo cookies? Is the ad just going with what their targeted audience wants? After further research on this ad, the ad wasn’t actually shown anywhere and it was created by an advertising company for a contest. This information alone, may throw a twist into the situation. Therefore leading to more questions; since this was for a contest, were they just trying to be out there and think outside of the box so they can win?

Another question is how do you feel about breast feeding in public and what is wrong with it? Some are completely for or against it simply because they weren’t exposed to it. Others feel like it is acceptable because babies need to eat, just like how adults can eat in public; just cover the breast up. In some cultures, it is not a problem at all and it is a norm to see someone breast feeding even in the professional setting.

Here’s my last question for you to think about, do you like eating your meal in the bathroom stall? If not, then why do babies have to when their mothers are forced to breast feed in the bathroom?

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