Soror Renee Kato-McDonald

purple-1241702_640#2 Leonova, Summer 2015

“It was shortly after I had made the personal commitment to embark on a journey of self development and empowerment when I stumbled across the Xi Xi chapter’s call for new members. I was in search of  a community of kind, accepting, educated people interested in community service, as well as working to make a positive impact in the world. When I read the mission of Theta Nu Xi is about promoting leadership, multiculturalism and self-improvement it felt as if I had been in search of the Sisterhood all along!  Becoming a sister of Theta Nu Xi means becoming a part of a large, well educated, friendly, encouraging, hard working, family and I absolutely love it. My sisters hold me to the highest standard, challenging me to live life to the fullest, believe in myself, be grateful, give back and that your dreams can become a reality if you work hard. In the time that I have been blessed to be a part of the Xi Xi chapter of Theta Nu Xi I have growing into a better woman, wife, sister, and leader.”