“Dolls of the World” – E. Robbins

Recently my sisters and I came across an article regarding the “Dolls of the World” collection produced by Mattel.

The discussion then moved to “stereotypical dress” vs. “traditional cultural dress” and how the line between these is created.  Are there grey areas?  In my opinion, it could be difficult to represent the “traditional cultural dress” without someone believing it is falling into the “stereotypical dress.”

However, is Barbie even a good role model for young children anyway?  While exploring this idea, I found two interesting pictures.  One was representing what a Barbie doll would look like without all of the makeup she is always seen wearing.  I thought that this illustration’s caption “beauty is in the eye of the doll holder” was quite fitting and showed a side to the Barbie doll that makes her slightly more realistic.  The second picture I came across was a representation of what a “real life” Barbie would look like.  Personally, I believe that this particular picture should be circulated more throughout society; it would help to show both males and females how unrealistic Barbie’s character truly is.

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Check out some more “Barbie Without Makeup” renderings here.

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