Butterfly Park Service

Butterfly Park Service – D. Monasch

This summer, the Sisters of the Xi Xi Chapter were determined to make a

"Group Planting" - Courtesy of Soror Dara Monasch

difference in the local community of one of their members, and eventually decided on the hometown of Soror Dara Monasch. Along with several friends, the Sisters got together and contacted the local butterfly park in East Brunswick, NJ, to ask if the park had any immediate needs. It was discovered that the entire butterfly park is maintained solely by the goodwill of Dave Moskowitz and his wife, and the dedication of any volunteers they can wrangle.

After discovering this, the Sisters and their friends were determined to help and on August 20th, they were able to make this

"Chryssy's Success" - Courtesy of Soror Dara Monasch

desire into a reality. The Sisters met with Dave and his wife and spent two hours weeding, planting, and gardening to help beautify the park. The group had a great time completing this project and looks forward to coming back in the future and helping the park again, and has hopes to increase their level of volunteerism by donating a bench and decorations to the park in the Spring of 2012.


Did you miss out on this exciting event? Don’t miss any more! Contact our Membership Officer at membership@thetanujersey.org to find out how you can take part.

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