A Saturday at the Powwow

A Saturday at the Powwow – M. Musco

"A Dancer's Foot Bells" - Courtesy of Soror Dara Monasch

When you think of New Jersey, images of beaches, traffic and big hair might come to mind.  What you might not know about this state is that it is home to a vibrant Native American culture that flourished in the past and still maintains its proud traditions today.

On July 9, several members of Theta Nu Xi’s Xi Xi chapter attended the Sussex County Powwow, a celebration of native cultures from the Tri-State area and from all over our continent.  Sponsored by the Redhawk Native American Arts Council, this event showcased aspects

"Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Dancer" - Courtesy of Soror Dara Monasch

from many different Native American cultures.

At the Powwow, sisters were able to see (and even participate in) ceremonial dances, traditional music, crafts, and a great introduction to the sport of hunting with falcons and other birds.

One of the most interesting parts of this event was seeing just how much

respect is given to elders in Native American cultures.  While temperatures soared at the Powwow, the organizers insisted that the shady spots be reserved for older attendees and those with a disability.  One part of the ceremonial dances was set aside to honor America’s veterans, and the emcee made a special point of congratulating the lone WWII veteran in attendance.  It was great to see a reverence for those who have lived longer than us put into practice.

In a season of countless fairs and amusement park visits, the Sussex County Powwow stood out because it allowed the Xi Xi sisters to experience a unique culture.  Theta Nu Xi sisters are always seeking out ways to put diversity into practice, and all of us are glad we had this chance to learn and have fun!

Did you miss out on this exciting event? Don’t miss any more! Contact our Membership Officer at membership@thetanujersey.org to find out how you can take part.

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