What is Shiva?

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What is Shiva? – E. Robbins

"Star of David" courtesy of shivaconnect.com

Recently, my Grandmother passed away. My family is Jewish, therefore my Grandmother had to be buried within 48 hours; that definitely was the hardest part.

While a death in the family is never an easy thing, sometimes traditions make the passing of a loved one a little bit easier. In the Jewish religion, after a loved one passes away, the family sits Shiva for up to a week. During this time, friends of the family or of the deceased visit the home of the individual who has passed away to pay their respects.

Gifts of kosher food are appropriate and appreciated by those sitting Shiva (courtesy of koshergiftbox.com).

It was comforting to know how much of an impact my Grandmother had on the community and how much her friends truly cared. In sharing memories of my grandmother, I could focus on the highlights of her life instead of the painful ending.

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