Life After Hurricane Sandy

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Life After Hurricane Sandy – D. Smith-Scott

"Hurricane Sandy" - Courtesy of Greg Lewis
On the evening of Monday, October 29th, Hurricane Sandy brought 90 mph winds, storm surges several feet high and several inches of rain and snow that were felt from the storm’s landfall point near Atlantic City, NJ to the Great Lakes.

Two weeks later, millions of people are still feeling the Superstorm’s destructive effects. Mass power outages, destroyed homes and the infamous gasoline shortage continue to have an impact on the state of New Jersey. And yet, amid the fear of uncertainty (and looters), it is in the wake of such a disaster that humanity truly shines.

Schools, libraries and municipal buildings everywhere have opened their doors as warming stations, charging stations and shelters for displaced residents. Local YMCAs are open to members and non members alike so that those without can have hot showers. Electrical crews from around the country work 24/7 to restore power.

"Volunteers Helping Sandy Victims" - Courtesy of

Such concern for the community is not limited to professional establishments. People from all over New Jersey have been collecting donations (monetary, food and clothing), delivering supplies to shelters, even cooking for those without food.

There is still a great deal of reconstruction to be completed. But with people pulling together as they have in the past few days, we can only hope for a speedy recovery.

If you would like to become involved with post-Sandy recovery, please visit the following websites:,,,


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